Portland massage specials are designed to envelope you in comfort, relaxation and restorative techniques. Restore the senses and boost wellbeing.

Seasonal Allergies Massage – 90 min ~ $120
75 minutes of massage, Dry Brushing, to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, cupping, hand crafted seasonal allergy reduction Aromatherapy blend (lavender, lemon & peppermint), plus delectable foot scrub treatment including reflexology to the head/sinus points.

Beauty Inside – 90 min ~ $110
75 minutes of massage, moisturizing hand treatment with warm towels, delectable foot scrub treatment including reflexology, collagen eye mask treatment, and a relaxing ten minute scalp massage.

Just the Eyes, Please – 15 min ~ $40
Dive in to a quick facial refresh featuring collagen eye mask enriched with Vitamin E, Green Tea Extract & Tropical Fruits while receiving a soothing scalp massage and lymphatic drainage of the face and neck. You’ll feel hydrated, fabulous and ready to wow.

Garden Massage – 90 min ~ $150
Join me in my garden for a luxurious summer massage. Tame backyard chickens gossiping nearby will lull you into the ultimate relaxation. Whispering cedar, douglas, and hawthorn trees will provide shade and moderate privacy. Enjoy a complementary mimosa or IPA, and topical CBD oil, to further whisk away stressors. (please text/email to schedule)

Couples Massage – 60 min per person ~ $175
Unwind together. Each person served individually to increase the specialized treatment. Make your own herbal tea blend, or enjoy our handcrafted selections. While one receives, the other can dip into a diverse and comprehensive library ranging from nobel prize winners, popular authors, scholarly analysis, western cannon selections, underground comics, subversive literature, and more. Additional options include access to musical instruments, craft project creation, and more. Let us know what brings you bliss. Side-by-side massage can be arranged with advance notice. (please text/email to schedule)

Deep Forest Massage
In collaboration with Wyeast Gardens, we are excited to offer you Deep Forest Massage. Lush landscape of mushrooms, ferns, trillium and shady evergreens will provide solace and calm for a restorative session in the wild. Wyeast Gardens is nestled in beautiful Damascus, Oregon. Contact us today to arrange for picnic options, an array of desserts by EmmaSofia Cakes, yoga sessions, live music, gardening experiences. Rates are based on your goals. Text or Email to begin your journey.

juliemaelmt @ gmail.com